Our Values

Scripture-Centered Teaching

The Bible is God's word. In it he tells the true story of the world. We can only make sense of our lives in the context of his grand narrative. Thus, we equip students to read it, share it, and live it out. 

Transformational Worship

What we love shapes who we are. When our community of students gathers for worship, it's not merely to express our love to God, but for God to transform our loves. In worship, his Spirit graciously shapes who we love (Jesus), what we love (his kingdom), and therefore how we love (by serving others). 

Hospitable Relationships

God changes the world by creating a community that actively practices hospitality - the art of caring for others well. When students experience love and service from one another it changes what they believe, how they live, and ultimately draws them nearer to God, who showed us the greatest hospitality in Jesus.

Kingdom-Minded Living

Jesus calls his followers to live for his kingdom. Doing so transforms every area of our life: our character, vocation, service, relationships, possessions and more. By the time every student graduates we want him or her to have a deeper sense of God's unique kingdom-calling for their life both in and out of the church.