Our Story

In the Spring of 2006 a group of college students from The Crossing went to Rochester, Minnesota for a weekend L'Abri conference. Our friends at L'Abri believe that if the Bible is the true story about the world, then it impacts every area of our lives. That story can handle our doubts, it can explain our relationships, it can define our identity, it can teach us how to live the good life. As a result, they think deeply about their faith and live open, honest, intentional lives together.

That small group of students wondered, why isn't there a campus ministry like this at Mizzou? Ryan Wampler, a Crossing pastor who led the trip, started dreaming with them about a group committed to the true story. They wanted to call this group Veritas, which is latin for "truth." 

In the fall of 2006 Veritas had its first meeting. Hundreds of people showed up, but within weeks it dwindled down to thirty people. Maybe other people weren't excited about living in the truth that Jesus taught? Maybe they didn't want to explore their doubts and live intentionally? But people did. 

Over the last ten years Veritas grew even larger than that first meeting. Hundreds of college students began experiencing life changing relationships at Veritas. They started understanding God's true story, and sought to live in it through service, sacrifice and prayer. Though the faces changed over the years, our heart remains the same. We are committed to walking with the one who called himself "truth." To the one whose incredible life, death, and resurrection embody what it means to live authentically: Jesus.

God is telling an incredible story at Mizzou. At Veritas, we seek to live in that story together. It isn't perfect. It isn't simple. It isn't always pretty. But once you become a part of Jesus' true story, you'll never be the same.