What is Veritas?

Veritas is not a meeting or a club. Veritas is a group of people. A group of friends who believe that Jesus is telling an incredible story on Mizzou's campus. A story that gives meaning and purpose to the mundane. A story that changes us. A story that explains our world. A story that, best of all, is true. Whether you're a skeptic, a doubter, or a follower of Jesus, Veritas is a place to explore God's story, see if it's true, experience it, and start living in it.

when and Where?

We meet Tuesdays at 8pm on campus during the semester. Our next meeting is at Conservation Auditorium. Go HERE to see which auditoriums we will be in throughout the school year. 


Veritas, Cru, and RUF will be hosting a conference Feb. 26-27 at The Crossing. We are happy to announce that pastor/speaker/writer Scott Sauls will be our keynote speaker for the weekend. The weekend will consist of sermons, breakout sessions, worship, food, and games.

Cost is $20.